10 Simple Website Design Tips You Should Use

 Does your website need a much-needed boost or just a few tweaks? Here are ten tips to improve the quality of your website.

Tip #1: KISS. Remember the KISS rule? Keep It Simple, Silly. If you are building a new website or revamping a current website, make sure your website is clean-looking, decluttered, and simple. Readers can be over-stimulated by too many links or too much information. Don’t be afraid of white space.

Tip #2: Audience analysis. This is one of the most important elements of your website. Who are you trying to reach? The look of your website, the voice of your website, and the actual content will affect your web designing decisions.

Tip #3: Staff Buy-In. If you have staff, make sure that they have buy-in and input, so they will support and promote the launch. If everyone is on board, your web design will be exciting and successful for everyone.

Tip #4: Delegation. Appropriate delegation is a secret to running a successful business. If web design is not your forte’, find someone on your staff who has those talents. If you are a small business owner and do not have a web designer on staff, you can find someone on professional sites such as elance.com or freelancer.com to hire on a contractual basis. You can also barter with another professional, or hire an intern.

Tip #5: Mobile-Friendly Websites.  Ensure that your web design for your website will look good not only on a PC laptop, but will also format well for an ipad or a cell phone. Readers use several different gadgets to access information, and having a cell-friendly website will be beneficial to your visitors and your business.

Tip #6: Avoid re-inventing the proverbial wheel. Instead of building a new website from scratch, consider using a template. Templates based sites can cost from $250-$800 +, but that will offset the cost of hiring new staff, outsourcing, and maintaining the website.

Tip #7: Use Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. After launching a great website, readers need to know where to find it. Develop excellent content creation and include appropriate keywords on your website so you can gain rankings on Google. There are SEO experts to consult if you need advice.

Tip #8: Excellent content creation. Post good content, maintain strong links, and post often. If you post information on a continual basis, you will build your audience, and your visitors will become loyal readers.

 Tip #9: Along with excellent content creation, don’t use jargon. Make sure that your content is clear and concise for your readers to understand. If you use too many big words, you will alienate your audience.

Tip #10: Budget appropriately. Depending on how elaborate or simple your web design is, you will need to budget accordingly. You can have an elegant website on a limited budget, but you will need to think of what you need. Do you need a SEO professional or a web designer? How much PR and marketing will you need?

Remember tip number one? We like to live by our advice so above we have provided you with 10 simple tips that will allow you to improve your website or get a new site created to meet your needs.